Foday Kombo Sillah Remembered


By: Abie Demba
The descendants of Ebrima Foday Kombo Sillah and their friends recently gathered at Boraba Kunda in Gunjur Town to mark the life and achievements of their grandfather who was famous for his contribution towards the spread of Islam in the Gambia.
Speaking at the gathering, Mr. Essa Touray, a lecturer at the University of the Gambia and one of the descendants of Foday Kombo Sillah revealed that he had been doing research on the history of late Foday Kombo Sillah and that during his research he found out that Foday Sillah was not only a Jihadist in Islam but also he played a role towards the independence of The Gambia.
For his part, Muhammed D. Touray a family member also said that the late Foday Kombo Sillah died and was buried in “Ngaimeheh” in Senegal. He added that before people used to go there to visit the grave locally known as “magal”. But he said now that has stopped as they no longer go there to pay their respect to the late great man of Islam. Mr. Touray argued that that should not be the case considering the fact that Foday Kombo Sillah had done a lot for the Gambia and Muslims. Touray further stated that the descendants of Foday Kombo Sillah are now making plans to reconstruct the grave and its surrounding so that people can resume visiting the place annually as it was done before.


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