Former KMC Mayor Accused of Mismanagement


By: Almamo Kamaso
The Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) under former Mayor Yankuba Colley is found wanting for mismanagement of the council’s resources, an interim report seen by Daily news revealed.
The report signed by Bakary K Jammeh, the chairman of the now defunct Interim Management Committee of (KMC) made some revelations on malpractices reported under Colley’s era. The interim committee by a resolution therefore cancelled payments of one Momodou Sanyang who was contracted at the tune of D700, 000.00 per month to collect refuse from six of the 29 communal dump sites within the KMC. He Sanyang was a nominated councillor under Yankuba Colley.
The contractor was said to have been hired by KMC management without following the procurement rules and regulations of GPPA to the tune of D700, 000 per month. The interim committee then felt that not only did the rules were violated but also the amount involved was inflated prompting the committee to pass a resolution for the contractor not to be paid the balance of D2,500,000.00 (two million five hundred thousand dalsis).
The report indicates that alternative arrangements are being sought to clear the entire communal dump sites and to tender the outsourcing arrangements by open tender and in line with GPPA rules and regulations. It also reveals that the Environment and Sanitation department of the KMC under former Mayor Yankuba Colley has up to 300 staff members recorded as the council’s work force even though the committee could not verify the authenticity of such figures.
The report has it that many of those staff members were receiving salaries from KMC but did not actually turn up for work. Also in 2014, a fleet of old and obsolete vehicles were bought and some of the vehicles never got on the roads when they were delivered and some operated for just a few months. The poor culture of maintenance of the fleet and the lack of capacity and tools at the in-house garage were some of the factors highlighted by the committee. The council has approximately nine out of the 28 vehicles under the department’s fleet which are currently on the road, while the remaining 19 vehicles are all off the road.


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