Former VP Refutes Allegations of writing a Letter to UN


By Aja Dahaba
Madam Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang, former Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia says lies were fabricated against her for purportedly writing a letter to the United Nations (UN).
She refutes as mere fabrications that she was urging the world body to prevail on President Barrow to hand over power to her after the end of his three years agreement with Coalition partners.
The former Vice President who is also the Chairperson of the Coalition government was reacting to questions raised by reporters, whether it was because of a purported letter she did send to a certain UN agency that resulted to her sacking from the Barrow administration.
“If you bring a Holy Quran here I will tell you it’s not true and if you ask the president he will tell you it’s not true, people have fabricated lies against me but I forgive them. I know those who fabricated those lies but I have forgiven them as a Muslim and am happy that His Excellency President Barrow have known the truth. He stood by the truth and he has invited me on the 16th of August 2018, we spoken about the letter and it was never a letter I wrote”, Tambajang disclosed.
She continues to clarify that she has never written a letter to the UN but rather Nations Environment Program (UNEP).
UNEP which she did because a Gambian was looking for a job at that agency who she wrote a recommendation letter for on behalf of the President and in her capacity as the acting President at the material time.
“I never feel angry for been relieve of my Cabinet position, I will never be angry because HE President Barrow respect me more today than any other time. President Barrow knows that I have worked for this country and I love my country and am ready to go anywhere I am invited to.
On her assessment of the two years that the Coalition government, the former Vice President said; “Two years into governance we are facing lots of challenges, challenges that are natural, challenges that are man-made because most of the challenges that we inherited from 22years of dictatorship is not a normal ground, not that of an enabling environment.
This government inherited a bankrupt economy, we didn’t find anything in the coffers, democracy was none existence, nobody was free, no freedom of association, no freedom of affiliation to join political parties”, Madam Jallow Tambajang, noted that there were numerous challenges the Coalition 2016 government inherited from dictator Jammeh.
According to her, the 22years leadership of Yahya Jammeh has witnessed the disappearance of many sons and daughters of this country. She added that women were rape and males castrated among many other atrocities committed during this dark side of the nation’s history.
“Many people die here not only Solo Sandeng , there are so many other people, the anonymous heroes are many and many and many and I will recognize everyone and His Excellency Adama Barrow recognizes those who have worked and yet never witness this day”, Former VP adduced.
Madam remains optimistic about the future of The Gambia, disclosing that the government’s National Development Plan (NDP) is high on the gears with 1.7million euros coming from the European partners. This monies is meant to implement projects to improve the lots of the country and its citizenry.
The former number 2, said to achieve this, the government carry out the reforms of the civil service, already the constitutional review in progress, the security sector reform, legislative and legal reforms must all be done.
“The economy is now growing and now what we want to see, is decentralization and for works to start so that the people can see. These are things that will take quite a lot of time and what I would urge the public is to be patient and support the government in its endeavors in whatever little way one could do for the greater interest of the country”.
Madam Jallow Tambajang, optimistic and echoes the call of the president for all hands to be on deck to moving this great country forward.


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