Gambia Commemorate European Day


By Aramata Jatta
The European Ambassador to the Gambia Attila Lajos and his first lady Erika Lajos on Friday throw a reception at the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute to celebrate European day. A colorful event which brought together Cabinet Ministers, members of the diplomatic and councilor core with other dignitaries.
The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘’ deciding our feature’’ and this served as a platform for the Embassy to outline their unprecedented success of integration, peace, unity and prosperity in the development of the European world.
Speaking at the ceremony Attila Lajos E.U Ambassador to the Gambia told the gathering that 69 years has pass since the historical declaration although it was bumpy and challenging but E.U continues to evolve. He described the occasion as an event which they are proud of celebrating.
Part of its priority strategy is geared towards building the future of youths in the Gambia the Ambassador affirmed that the Youth Empowerment Project known as YEP has contributed to the success of many Gambian youth.
He informed the gathering that it is with this regards that they have decided to partner with other European countries such as Belgium, Portugal and Germany through implementing a project called make it here locally known as Teki Fii.
‘’to improve economic development and feature prosper for the youths’’
As the day coincided with the World Press Freedom day, the Ambassador seized the opportunity to thank the Gambia Government for the new found press freedom. He said freedom of the press deserved to be in place across the country.
Dr. Momodou Tangara the Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the President said E.U and the Gambia relations is based on shared values and despite all oath they (E.U) have never in its effort stop given a helping hand to the Gambia.
‘’ unfortunately most of our young ones think their lives can only get better in Europe’’.
Dr. Tangara called on the need to change the mindset of individuals and the urged youths to map out strategies for a better sustainable growth.
He asserted that the celebration was very relevant as the Gambia is working very closely with the European Union to mitigate the challenge of illegal migration.
The atmosphere at the event was very lively as it graced the presence of a live band, poetry recitation and the promotion of culture and art through painting competition called paint my Gele Geleh.


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