Gambia Indeed Had Passed Through Hell


In the words of the Chairman of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) Dr. Lamin Sise, the Gambia indeed went through hell.
It is the opinion of the Daily News that the Gambia indeed went through hell under the former President and Dictator Alhagie Yahya Jammeh for 22 good years.
So far out of the confessions and testimonies heard at the TRRC, dozens of Gambians were murdered in cool blood on the orders of nom other person but the President of our republic for no just cause. This tantamount to crimes against humanity and the former President needs to face justice.
Soldiers in uniform confessed killing citizens by who they were paid to protect; both their lives and properties. But the soldiers failed in their duties but only for them to kill those who pay them in very horrific manners.
The gruesome killing of late Haruna Jammeh said to be a relative of the former dictator Yayha Jammeh cannot be comprehend by anybody with his or her full senses. So is the same for late Deyda Hydara and late Koro Ceesay and many more victims.
Heatless soldiers like Alieu Jeng who lied several times before finally accepted to the killings of dozens of citizens many of who were killed in a very horrific manners. These horrific killings included late Haruna Jammeh, late Deyda Hydara, the 9 prisoners and late Baba Job and many others.
Other heartless soldiers included Bora Colley, Sanna Manjang, Alagie kanyi, Sanna Sabally, Malick Jatta and scores of others who are until their arrest paid by tax payers monies from the very citizens who they murdered in cool blood.
Amadou Badgie one of the killers told the TRRC during his confessions and testimonies that their group (Jungulars) or the Patrol Team were killer Squad for former President Yahya Jammeh.
On the membership of the group Badgie told the TRRC are: Nuha Badgie leader, Momodou Jarju alias Rambo, Mustapha Sanneh, Malick Jatta, Michale Sang Coria, Nfansu Nyabally,Alieu Jeng,Modou Busso, Abndoulie Jallow alias Jalilo, Pa Sanneh, Lamin Sambou, Malick Manga, Sergent Omar Jallow alis oya, Corporal Amadou Badgie, Lamin Badgie, Sulayman Sambou, Saikouba Jarju.
The Kanalia team includes: Sanna MANJANG, Landing Tamba, Solo Bjang, Saul Badgie, who were directly reporting to former President and Dictator Yahya Jammeh, even thoug there is a Chief of Staff (CDS)
After tormenting citizens some of these killers in the persons of Malick Jatta, Omar Jallow, Pa Ousman Sanneh and Amadou Badgie were released on Saturday morning, Army PRO confirmed to a local media.
Will this heal our wounds as a nation? Family members of victims already made it very public that they are not happy with the decision of granting the four bail.
Baba Hydara whose father was killed was in the social media and quoted in some local newspapers that he is not the least happy with the decision of the government; so is the mother of Mamut Ceesay. The son of Mahawa Cham, Soul and Haruna Jammeh all expressed dissatisfaction over the decision of the government..
The Daily News is calling on government to be very alive to the concerns of her citizens and make U-Turn in the decision if it is in the interest of the citizens.
The best thing for the government to do is to have pressed charges against these people who confessed to the crimes they committed and allow the law to take its cause. If the courts decided to grant them bail so be it, on the other hand if the Courts decided to remand them so be it.
However the unilaterally granting of bail to the killers who confessed to their crimes is not the right thing to do.
What if these killers came face to face with the victims’ families? The Daily News thinks the ministry must then have done enough work of counselling before killers of such calibres walk our streets free.


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