“Gambia is Going Through Hell” TRRC Boss


    By Ousainou J Sawaneh
    “The Gambia is going through hell, this revelations and the admission that we heard these days is beyond socking for any society” Dr. Lamin Sise
    The Chairman of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) made these statement at the closure of the sixth session of the sitting of the TRRC. The remarks came at the end of the testimonies of one of the Jungulars Alieu Jeng last Thursday.
    The Chairman went on to say that to have an agent of the state coming out telling the truth, is exactly what the Commission want.
    Talking in the face of witness (Alieu Jeng) , Chairman Sise said The truth revealed about the gruesome murders by the state, today alone is up to 14 murders, this is all on what you and your colleague (Junglers) having been telling us, since you started giving your testimonies before the commission.
    TRRC Chair alike the Nazi High Command to what the witness told the TRRC. He told the witness that to have you here and heard from you and other Junglers that senior officers of the state “ministers other senior people being present at the execution of the prisoners” is almost like having Nazi high command getting into the gas chambers in occupied areas, so that death comes looking at the prisoners who have been killed, been gas and burn them to death.
    They, the Nazi had their Junglers, they call them “Anstart gropin”. In Dafur you had the same kind of junglers going round slaughtering people and to hear that in the Gambia, Junglers going round murdering people, getting people out of the prison at night and slaughtering them, well we have not heard the end of it yet.
    I guess we are going to have more Junglers coming and more murdered persons being told to the Gambian people. The Gambia is going through hell.
    The TRRC will continue sitting on Monday the 19 August 2019 to hear more testimonies from the Jungulars.


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