Gambia Needs Leaders with Good Integrity” CRC Vice-chairperson


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Ojee)

Madam Hawa Sissay Sabally Vice-chairperson of the Constitutional Review Commission CRC has told a group of Gambians that the country needs leaders with good integrity, plus honesty, truthfulness and good moral in order to lead the country.

Madam Sabally made the above remark on Monday 3rd December, 2019 at Fass, North Bank Region of the Gambia as the Constitutional Review Commission set to establish a new Republican constitution for the Gambia.

Sissay Sabally further spoke on chapter V of the draft constitution which speaks of leadership and integrity.

“the chapter has been necessitated by an overwhelming public demand to establish characteristics of leadership to ensure integrity in the government” she said

Madam Sabally reveal that the chapter provides that persons contravening this provisions commit an offence of violating the constitution and may be subjected to disciplinary process or termination of contractual relationships.

“It covers areas of responsibilities of citizenship, conduct and oath of officers, financial probity of public officers restrictions on the activities of public officers and obligations of persons dealing with public officers in the service of the State” she said

Sabally said on chapter 1 sections 1 to 5, recognizes that the Gambia is a sovereign Republic and a multi-party democratic state, adding that all sovereign power belongs to all the people of the Gambia and is exercised in accordance with the constitution.

The CRC Vice –Chair said the chapter also imposes an obligation on every citizen of this country to respect, uphold and defend the constitution.

Sabally added that it also prohibits any attempt to subvert constitution in order to change a government by any unlawful means.” In that regard a person does not commit an offence by resisting any attempt to suspend, overthrow or abrogate the constitution”.

Chairman of the CRC Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow reminded the community that the CRC is working under the principles of participation, inclusiveness, ownership and transparency.

He added that all opinion and views will not and cannot be in constitution but they will make it reflects in the report in relation to the new constitution, adding that every opinion is very important to them as it will help them in the drafting of the final constitution.

Justice Jallow call on Gambians to actively take part in the process.

Among other speakers was Matarr Choy who commended the Constitutional Review Commission for including the sign language in the new draft constitution while adding it should be enforced.

For Ousman Jallow and Badou Nyang both welcomes automatic citizenship by birth.