Gambians Cannot be Deceived Any More


By Abdoulie Krubally
Honourable Madi MK. Ceesay National Assembly member for Serekunda West told the Daily News in an exclusive interview over the weekend that Gambians can never be deceived by politicians any more.
Ceesay said in the first republic Gambians had witnessed a thirty long years of the PPP rule, during which one would not say that everything went on well. No, there were some wrong doings and some element of corruption. This he said led to the first attempted coup of 1981 which saw some loss of lives. The Coup attempt lead by Kukoi Samba Sanyang who was a politician, attempted to win one of the Foni seats but lost it to the PPP. That Coup failure have subjected so many innocent politicians and their supporter’s to violations of their rights and also most of those were humiliated by the then Jawara government.
However the country did register some major developments such as the establishment of the nucleus of the University of the Gambia (MDI, GTTI, Gambia College, School of nursing and the School of Public Health). They also created all the major parastatals such as the GAMTEL, Central bank, GPA and SSHFC just to name a few.
“The worst bevelled Gambians when the Jammeh Coup followed several years later and succeeded. Many people were killed as per the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) revelations. On July 22 it there was no blood shed but the 22 years that followed was marred with brutality and cross violation of people’s rights, including the right to life” Ceesay said
Asked about the current political debates on the three years (3 Jotna), Hon Madi Ceesay said the groups behind the call for President Adama Barrow and his Coalition to respect their own words are very right. Gambians have graduated from being deceived by people they voted in on their own promises.
The citizens are now taking their rightful positions by holding elected people on their own words. This is what is called tax payers holding duty bearers accountable.
When the Honourable member was reminded of the constitutional mandate of a president; he was quick to say yes, our constitution gives the elected president a mandate of 5 years but the constitution is not baring any elected president resigning before the five years mandate. In fact it is a betrayal and deceiving on the side of President Barrow if he fails to honour the three years; simply because he was the very one together with all his coalition team members who told Gambians to elect them in for only three years and fresh elections will be called.
Hon Madi Ceesay said Barrow and his team will be branded as betrayers and playing politics of deceitfulness come end of 2019 if they fail to step down for fresh elections. Gambians will hold him and his government for any violation of human rights if there comes any such violations end of 2019.
Asked if the Barrow regime have not registered and successes? Hon Ceesay said since the coming into office of the Coalition government. The country have seen some changes such as the electricity have somehow stabilised. But he said it’s taking too long for people to see real development. Our roads needs to be fixed and there supposed to be meaningful reforms . Gambians can still have little patience to allow meaningful development to take effect.


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