GAP Leader Hits at Barrow Administration


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Ojee)
The Secretary-General and Leader of Gambia Action Party GAP Hon.Musa Yali Batchilly strongly in disagreement with the Barrow administration as diplomatic Passport saga continues.
The GAP leader was quoted saying “I shall exposed the government’s massive corruption in ninety days”
Batchilly recently wrote on GAP Facebook page saying the comments he made on the Standard newspaper raised eyebrows and people thought it was just a mere propaganda.
He said the diplomatic passports issued to the Justice Minister’s family members, was a sign of injustice to the families of electorates who voted for a change. He hold the opinion that , Justice Minister cannot even administered justice for poor Gambian people.
He said “we are in a state where Party Leaders and other relevant stakeholders are denied diplomatic passports in the name of different ideologies or seen as enemies but given to foreigners, drug dealers, family members and every Tom, Dick or Harry as if they’re entitled for accession” he said.
He further pointed at President Barrow as the problem of the nation “our problem as a nation is President Barrow and never shall we expect to have solutions as long as they stay in our public offices. The President is the problem and we must get rid of him when we want to tailored out the solutions” he encourage.
GAP Leader further reiterated that constitutionally, diplomatic passports cannot be issued in the absence of the President whose assent must be sought for approval. He questioned how did it happen that our diplomatic passports went to such without his acknowledgement?
“What kind of procedures did they follow and what are the responsibilities of the officials of the Foreign Affairs’ Ministry.
Batchilly said the miseries of Barrow led government will continue to unfold unless they change and find the right trajectory that will mold the lives and destiny of the country as a nation.
However Batchilly said the inconstancy and ineptness of his administration has proved futile that investigation was the only choice left which implies simple failure to achieve a desired result. “A government that does not put the interests of her people ahead of individual gains shall be a surplus to requirements” he said.
“The current saga and many others define our claims. We will not stop here, until the Gambians vote for progress. Again, we have seen vehicles with official plate numbers prowl drugs from our nearby countries into the Gambia. More will follow as we are probing the lands belonging to the state given to individuals”. He assured.
“Our roads remain dilapidated, our resources are exploited by the foreign powers, our streets and houses goes without electricity supply, our taps goes without clean drinking waters, our hospitals remain without drugs, the farmers hope continue to dwindle and our educational institutions continued to be inefficient and unproductive” he concluded.


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