By Neneh Galleh Barry

The Gambia Bureau Statistics join the international community to celebrate world Statistics day the event was done in form of two day symposium dialogue between producers and users of statistics. The forum was also held to make sure that needs and views of the statistical user community are properly addressed.

The African Statistics Forum was held was held at a local hotel in Bijilo, which commemorate each year as African Statistics Day. The celebrations of the Day are done with the objective of raising public awareness about the important role statistics play in all aspects of social and economic development in Africa.

While delivering the Opening Remarks the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Mr. Mamburay Njie said that, The African Statistics Day Celebrations focuses on issues related to the importance of statistics in developing planning and policy formulation. The theme for this year is intended to raise awareness on the important role official statistics play on the fight against corruption among government official’s decision makers. The theme is also aligned with the African Union Summit theme winning the fight against corruption A sustainable path for Africa Transformation.

“During the Assembly of the African Union member states adopted a convention on preventing and combating corruption which was considered by the AU advisory board to be the sole legal instrument in Africa to fight corruption. High quality official statistics and particular those that focus on governance and inclusive development in Africa. Few African countries produce reliable data on governance peace and security” the Minister added.

The Finance Minister Explained that, The responsivities of GBOS include production of high quality data that is used by government and development partners to formulate policies and prepare strategic plans to ensure sustainable development. He said This noble task cannot be done by the bureau in isolation that why collaboration with key stakeholders is important.

The Finance Minister concluded that, A strengthen and well-coordinated National Statistical System equipped with modern technologies will help to improve data collection and analysis and dissemination. He said, Policymakers will be able to develop informed policies which will lead to ensure transparency good governance and inclusive development.

Other speakers included the EU representative in the Gambia and the Chairman of Statistics Council the forum was fully funded by EU office in the Gambia.


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