Good bye 2019 and Welcome 2020


The management and Staff of the Daily News Company wish to thank all our distinguished customers and vendors through who the newspaper reaches readers and management also wish to thank our able printers for a very wonderful job in 2019.
The production of a newspaper is a chain work and any missing link will disable the production; therefore we want to thank all the links not leaving out anyone of them. Your work in 2019 is great and has being very wonderful. We thank you and without all of you this paper will not have come this far.
We cannot also afford not to mention our advertisers who are the life blood of the production; to you all thank you and keep bring your adverts to the Daily News. The paper is very grateful to our subscribers as well, thank you all.
Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) is the Subscribers of the Year 2019, by placing the highest number of copies. KMC once again thank you and keep reading the Daily News which is Factual, Reliable & Authoritative.
Last but not the least is our able team of writers; Aramata Jatta, Fatou Dahaba (Aja), Neneh Galleh Barry, and the only man of the paper Prince (Ojee) Ousainou Sawaneh. Management is grateful and wishes you all well.
The 2019 has been very newsworthy and through the pages of the thrice weekly newspaper of Daily News many have being covered.
We hope and pray that the 2020 will make a lot of changes in the lives of our staff and management and that of our esteem readers far and near.
The paper is also providing services to our facebook and website followers at
The Daily News is calling on the government of the day to keep up the good job in the areas of freedom of the press and to by no means fall into the past by being one of the worst places for journalist.
Since the advent of the 2016 change the media has being given its due and we hope that 2020 will give more freedom to the press than any other year.