Government to Re-Think on its Spending


The government of the Gambia is not blessed with any mineral resources and therefore it should re-think on where to spend its sacred resources. All if not more of what the government spends are basically generated from tax payer’s monies.
Out of the 2019 budget of D12, 216, 678, 888, the Foreign Affairs takes a chunk of the money which is cause for concern for many Gambians.
D1, 189,282,799 from the budget goes to the ministry of Foreign Affairs for the up keep of the Ambassadors, office rents, and school fees of the children of our staff abroad.
Nobody is saying that our Foreign offices abroad should not be maintained and that the workers should not be paid, far from that. All that we at the Daily News are saying is that government should re think on how our monies are spend.
In the same 2019 budget D727,557, 843 is also allocated to the defense ministry whiles only D441,536,840 is allocated to our agricultural sector. Looking at these three sectors less money is allocated to the Agriculture ministry.
If we want this country to move ahead; we need to spend more money in the agriculture sector as that is one of the most important productive sectors. All the monies we raise are more of spend on food importations. To avert situation that we need to be able to produce more for our consumption, and we cannot do that if our agriculture sector is neglected. The Gambia is blessed with fresh waters and good arable land that can produce us food enough to feed ourselves.
How do we do that? Our government has to reduce the it’s spending in other sectors and increase its spending in favor of others. Meaning we have to prioritize where to improve. It’s the ardent belief of the Daily News that agriculture is a very important sector and it belongs to one of the productive sectors where if we spend can take us to a better place of landing.
All other sectors are also important such as the Defense and the Foreign Affairs sectors; but we believe our government needs to redirect its spending. The two are taking too much chunk of the national cake and that we think one way we can create more money for our agricultural sector is to reduce the number of embassies abroad.
The maintenance of embassies is not a cheap thing to do; and it does not mean that we have to redundant the numerous staff at those various embassies but to redeploy them into our existing ministries here at home.
The Gambia currently has more than necessary embassies in the world; the government has to be bold enough to cut down the size of embassies abroad.


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