GTSC Commission 20 New Buses


By Ftou Dahaba (Aja)
Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) in collaboration with Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation has on Sunday 12th January, 2020 commissioned 20 brand new buses at its lead depot in Kanifing Industrial Area.
The 20 buses they commission yesterday are in three categories: 3 are mid-size buses fully air condition with capacity of 26 of all seated, 9 ordinary buses with green colour and 57 severs with 70 passengers of some siting and some standing which stops at every village from Kombo to Basse as well as the green large buses that are fully air condition meant for their express services they are also 57 seat in 3 by 2 seat configuration. The remaining 5 they are expecting are coaches one flat ship buses of GTSC somehow customize for their esteem passengers to ensure that they travel in comfort and safety.
Seedy Kanyi General Manager of GTSC said this is their fourth generation of buses commissioning, totally 25 but on the ground 20. He said this was possible through the support of the parent company SSHFC as they provided the bulk of the fun while the small remaining by GTSC adding they are always grateful for that parental care.
Kanyi cited that GTSC by virtue of its ownership is totally own by Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation which is a company that belong to all workers both private and public sectors.
This development fairly symbolize the level of commitment SSHFC is doing for the GTSC, the millions could have been invested in somewhere else but they want to ensure that the company is well manage and safeguarded, he added.
GTSC boss further said that they have a strategy that wherever you have a tar road and there is demand for their services. “Laminkoto passamas road about to be inaugurated is one of our target area likewise the Wuli and Sandu will be service.”
He added that the buses will enable them to have more than one express service in a day and they want to extend their service in other countries within the sub region and this will open market for Gambian travelers.
Mohamadou Manjang Board Chairman of GTSC thank the management of GTSC for the tremendous effort. He said SSHFC and GTSC association started in 2013 when they first invested in 50 buses to restart the then liquidated Gambia Public Transport Company. Their investment in transport sector then and over the years has help improve quality of life for millions of people who were previous excluded from the economic