Hajji Suwareh Responds to OJ on 3 Years Jotna


    Hajji Suwareh who calls himself a true campaigner of a pro- democracy group called 3 years Jotna, send a written respond to Omar A Jallow former PPP leader and a member of the Coalition executive through the Daily News. Suwareh refers to Omar A Jallow as playing a double standard.
    He said Omar OJ Jallow should support the three years, rather than sending the country into chaos or if OJ cannot tell Gambians the fact let him keep quite. For keeping quite is better than provoking Gambians by saying the three years was imposed on Adama Barrow which is totally false.

    “Let me tell Gambians O. J was the first coalition leader who supported and encouraged three years Jotna when we met him back in April” Suwareh said
    Omar told the group , when they went to introduce the 3 years Jotna to him, he Jallow told them that definitely the group have all the right to push for the three years because they ( the coalition) were the ones who agreed that they will only serve for three years and that the agreement is binding, no matter what it should be respected if they don’t then Gambian people should call on the President to honour his words and step down.

    Today if the same OJ again comes out to say the three years was impose on Adama Barrow, this is not expected of a man in a leadership position.
    OJ should be advocating for good governance and remind his colleagues to stick to the agreement and the three years transitional promise made to electorates to avoid citizens going out in December to protest. Hajji said he thinks such people should be ashamed of such things.
    I am disappointed in the likes of OJ who call themselves as those who are content but why going back on what they have already said?

    OJ also said in a radio programme that if Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang is back they should hold a meeting, what meeting Suwareh asked when he already said he is supporting the 5 years . OJ should stop fooling himself because Gambians will never listen those kind of deceptive politics Now.
    Surwareh called on O J to stick to the coalition 3 years agreement to avoid sending the country in chaos come December.
    He called on the vet ran politician to be truthful and stop using three years Jotna to stain other politicians names. Such will not make him OJ succeed because he was the first to encourage the group to come out December if Bartow did not resign and honour his words.
    “It is only the truth that can avoid the December protest” Suwareh concludes
    May Allah bless the Gambia our homeland


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