€1.45 Billion in the Next Three Years…
In light of the fact that the European Union has pledged a total of €1.45 billion in the next three years, it is important that citizens of the country ask pertinent questions as to the readiness of, not only government, but citizens and interest groups to make maximum use of this money instead of losing most of it to corrupt officials.
For instance, it is necessary that we interrogate the government and find out what kind of mechanisms are in place to ensure that there is accountability and transparency. We need to ask whether or not we have the right people in the right places. It will not do to have square pegs in round holes. We need competent and patriotic Gambians to man the right offices in order for all these monies to impact positively on the society.
At the top of all the needs is a mechanism to fight against corruption and malfeasance. An Anti-Corruption Commission should – must – be set up to ensure that the fight has a structured face. This is essential and is of paramount Importance. The rate at which corruption is rising in this country should warrant a holistic fight to reduce it.
Transparency is lacking and that is why many people are lining up their pockets to the detriment of the nation. In order to fight this in a way that will have an impact, civil society must be prepared to engage the government and government functionaries to ensure that they are held accountable. But to do that the civil society must also be equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise to tackle this fight.
The media – referred to as the fourth estate – must now take their position in the governance of the nation. The journalists must be willing to engage and dig deep and find out the relevant information and bring it to the notice of the general public. Journalists must not rely on second hand information; rather, they should take the bull by the horn, as it were, to expose any malfeasance in government.
Let us not be complacent and leave everything in the hands of the government. We must participate in governance and compel the governors to do the right thing for the governed. Let us make the government know that we are watching. We will not relent until they fulfill their dual responsibilities: to protect us and to serve our needs.
Have a Good Day Mr President…
Tha Scribbler Bah
A Concerned Citizen


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