‘The Government Cannot Do It Alone’ AND ‘The Time for Politics Is Over’….
The above two are the two most ridiculous and misleading statements one hears being bandied around in The Gambia. But, the truth is that as long as we continue to use deceptive statements like these, our development will be slow in coming; if it comes at all. These two statements are completely meaningless.
For first one for instance, it is clear that government is never doing anything alone anyway. It is we, the citizens of the country, who have voted into office a government; and have – and continue to – pay our taxes for government to run the affairs of the nation. Thus, we have partly done our part and now expect the government to do our bidding by fulfilling its responsibility of protecting our rights and serving our needs.
It should be known that the duty of a government is simply twofold: to protect our rights and our persons; and to fulfil our needs by providing us the goods and services. If a citizen has resources and is willing to be philanthropic, then that is a good thing and should be commended. However, the service to, and protection of citizens, remains the responsibility of the government.
On the second one, ‘the time for politics is over’ is also bogus and completely meaningless. The truth is that politics in everything, and at all times. All the services like building of schools, hospitals, infrastructure, agriculture and all other human needs are all part of politics. So, saying that the time for politics is over and that we should come together to work for the nation is just a form of deception that African politicians use to keep the masses downtrodden.
The truth is that it is elections that can be over but not politics. The governors must therefore be made to understand that they have been given a duty – when they were voted into office by the governed – and that they should do everything to meet their needs and expectations.
We, as citizens of this great nation, must endeavor to practice politics of progress; politics which gives the citizens their due and respect and fulfill their expectations. Citizens must also arm themselves with the requisite knowledge that will enable them serve as watchdogs over their rights, so that government will not trample upon them. They must be seen to take an active, positive and engaging participation in national development.
We must make efforts to be part of the decision-making process and not just leave everything in the hands of government officials. The government (departments, agencies, units) must also reach out and communicate to the people. There is a disconnect between government and the citizens which should be fixed as soon as possible.
Have a Good day Mr President…
Tha Scribbler Bah
A Concerned Citizen


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