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Not for profit organizations can corrupt
Presidents that are involve in businesses and the running of Not for profit organizations like Foundations and movement can be corrupt and found wanting at the end of their presidency. And such is only a good practice when it comes after presidency and not whiles the person is President. In our case both former President Jammeh and current president Barrow are guilty of operating Not for profits organizations and Foundations.
The beauty of the first republic was that a sitting president do not in any form engage into business. Reasons probably is that as President one can be too influential and can easily corrupt or be corrupted.
The other possible reason may be; government need to give space to the business community and not use advantage of using the powers and influence of presidency and make life difficult for them.
Once a President and engage in business who will ask you to pay the tax as supposed to be? Therefore your chances of becoming too corrupt is high; and secondly who in the government civil services will make you tax compliance and in the event you are not. What does that cost the country? The country stands to lose income and that the President also will have chances of selling items far cheaper because he or she is not tax compliance.
Mr. President when the former President came into power the first thing he did was to twist the law in his favour and was able to fully participate in all kinds of businesses. He became a baker and had bakeries all over the country. At some times he was selling bread very cheap; why because he was not tax compliance.
Mr. President he also was into selling of school uniforms, ram and into all other kind of businesses. The former president became a millionaire overnight and competing with many businesses.
Former President Jammeh did not only stop at businesses but went into Foundations and thus the Jammeh Foundation for Peace. He did not only stop at business as usual but his Fondation was running a hospital.
Now it’s your turn Mr. President when you came in Gambians thought that you are here to rectify some of those malpractices and other unlawful things being done by your predecessor. But no; you came in and a close member of your family went into a Foundation. Which was the first lady and she named the foundation after herself. That was disappointment number 1. As if that is not enough Mr. President now you are running a Not for Profit organization called Barrow Youth Movement for Development.
This organization Barrow Youth Movement for Development is now sponsoring development projects and giving away milling machines to communities. Mr. President on one of your meet the farmer’s tour you told Gambians that the Movement will be building mosques across the country. Where is the funds coming from Mr. President????
Mr. President the reason why sitting President do not have Foundations and Not for Profit organizations is to keep their names clean. These “Not for profit organization” of yours is only making you more wanting than keeping you clean. Mr. President where are the sources of income of your Youth Movement for Development? Mr. President could it not be suspicious that funds meant for the country could be diverted into the coffers of your not for Profit organization? Why do you have to involve yourself into such activities?
Good practice is that sitting presidents do not involve themselves into business nor do they go into Not for Profit organizations like your Barrow Movement for Development. Remember another Commission is possible.
By a Concern Citizen


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