“Help With a Printing Machine” Publisher said


By Aja Dahaba
The Publisher and Editor of the Daily News Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay said the Daily News is off the newsstands for the whole of this week due to lack of a printing machine.
Speaking to the Editorial Assistant of the Daily News; Ceesay said they do not own their own printing machine but prints at a privately own printers called the View Printers whose machines had a breakdown.
Like the Daily News; the Voice newspapers too had nowhere to print due to the same problem.
Both papers do not have a brotherly support from other papers who have their own printing machines in country.
The Gambia has three newspapers with their own printing press such as the Standard Newspaper, The Point and the Foroyaa newspapers; it is only the Daily News and The Voice newspaper without their own press.
The Daily News and the Voice is calling for patience from their esteem readers, subscribers and advertisers and promise that very soon the two will be on the newsstands.
Ceesay therefore called on philanthropies to come to their aid with any kind of assistance. The provision of a machine for the two is highly welcomed.
Contact us at 2203906813, 220 9906813, 220707257 and 220 611052 for any help.


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