Honouring Three Years is one of a Moral Issue


Honouring the three years promise by President Adama Barrow during his political campaign in 2016 is one of a moral issues and not legal or constitutional. If President Adama Barrow wishes to honour the promised that is a moral obligation he will be fulfilling; but if on the other hand he feels no obliged to fulfil that promise then he must be ready morally to pay heavy price.
President Adama Barrow cannot deny making the promise and he cannot either deny after winning the elections confronting the media and he President Barrow confirming that he was going to step down after three years.
President Adama Barrow also cannot deny saying that whether the reforms are finished or not he was going to step down as it is in the Coalition MoU.
Two years later for President Adama Barrow to make a U-Turn on those promises will morally hunt him in his future political career. President Barrow’s integrity is at stake and no serious person will take him honest and that he will be a person who does not stick to his words.
President Adama Barrow will also be seen as a betrayer and lack the sense of holding on to his words which is not a quality of a leader. Now it’s for President Adama Barrow to either respect his own words or be a failure in politics as genuine Gambians shall be waiting for the next presidential elections where President Adama Barrow will offer himself on his own party’s ticket.
The Daily News is of the opinion that honouring the three years is not a constitutional matter but resigning too after three years is not against the constitution too. Section 63 subsection (1) reads : The term of office of an elected president shall, subject to (3) and (6), be for a term of five years; and the person elected President shall before assuming office take the prescribe oaths.
But section 65 subsection 1(a) reads: the Office of the President shall become vacant during the term of presidency – on the death or resignation of President.
So those who read section 65 must also quickly relates it to section 63 (1) a ; so that one can understand in which context the Coalition MoU agreed that the president can resign after a three transition period.
But we can put the Coalition MoU aside and take a close look at the political manifesto of President Adama barrow; where he said on quote “I shall when elected president lead a three year broad base transition government and will not participate in subsequent elections”
Now the question Gambians need to ask with Barrow’s U-Turn was his U-Turn not a betrayal to the Gambians electorates? Is this not enough to qualify Barrow playing politics of deception?
The Daily News is calling on the government to act now before it is too late for the Barrow regime to avert plunging the Gambia into chaos as the December approaches. A national dialogue is the solution to the loaming political crisis.


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