Hospital Doctors Needs to Explain in the Killing of Baba Jobe


The revelations at the Truth , Reconciliation and Reparation Commission has informed Gambians that even our hospitals where life is supposed to be saved were use as killing grounds by the Jammeh Killers. Must the TRRC then leave the culprits at the hospital go scot free? If inquiry into the hospitals are outside the mandate of the TRRC; the government of the Gambia should set up an investigation into possible killing at out hospitals.
Late Baba Jobe who according to several Junguars; that have testified in the Truth , Reconciliation Reparation Commission (TRRC) and are known to be a team of killers for the former President Yahya Jammeh were responsible for the killing of baba on his hospital bed.
These revelations are such that, such a killing done on the nations hospital bed under the watchful eyes of a whole hospital management team calls for an explanation by hospital management. Where were the hospital securities; and where was the Prison security and where was the doctors in charged?
When a patient die in a hospital one would expect that there must be a death certificate issued and that certificate must be signed by a doctor indicating the reasons of the death. When late Baba Jobe die in a hospital and in a private block for that matter was there any death certificate issues?
What kind of hospitals do we have in our country? Where lives were supposed to be saved but unfortunately in Baba Jobe’s case he was hospitalised just to be killed. Was he the only one who was killed at the capitals only referral hospital?
Unless the hospital is properly investigated no one can have answers to the above questions; so it is very important that government set up an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the killing of Baba Jobe.
The Daily News is calling on the TRRC to further question hospital management as to why would they allow killers to walk through the gates of the Hospital and freely enter in a particular hospital block ( Private Block) and killed a patient in cool blood.
If there occur any killing that was dubious, the public always relied on doctors to inform the public about the cause or causes of death by carryout a post-mortem. Why not in the case of someone was a patient in a hospital.
The killing of Baba Jobe should be properly investigated beyond the Jungulars; to include the doctors, security personals of both the hospital and the prison department. The doctors on duty also need to explain as the circumstances leading to the killing of Baba Jobe. Baba we believe was admitted by a doctor, that doctor needs to explain the causes of his death.


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