“I Can Never Forgive until Justice Prevail and Jammeh Prosecuted” Victim


By Aja Dahaba
50 year old Modou Touray of Manjai Kunda also April 14 victim lamented that his wife massages him every day before can do any household work due to the effects of tortures. Touray who was recently talking to Daily News said he was tortured, beating, kicked, slapped, and maltreated during his stay in the hands of the alcoholic addicted jugulars of Jammeh.
He said when he was called for tortures the Jugulars wanted to blind fold him which he refused and triggered the start serious beatings. He said they hit him on the head and all of a sudden he become weak and was taking to a dark room.
According to him upon his arrival in the room he found five men standing waiting for him, as he continue fighting with them they tied him on a table beat him to unconsciousness while pouring cold water on him till he suffocates he explains.
Modou who is carpenter by profession said he can no longer function in his job like before due to the injuries he had in the hands of Jammeh’s men.
“My hand cannot even hit an object now and I feed my family from this job, I have a wife and children and they are all going to school”.
He said he is not currently feeling well and his back and waist have problems.
He asserted that after undergoing the tortures they were taking to Mile 2 prisons where they spend 19days in the cell, without any trials. He added that no proper medical attention was giving to him and others.
“They give us very bad food especially the ‘chereh’ that they serve for dinner , this is full with sand and the milk we take with tea in the morning are all expired and this are all detrimental to our health” Touray noted.
Regarding the cell conditions he said is either 28 or 30 people in a cell saying even to sleep they have to squeeze for space.
“We even reported our living conditions to the prison officials who didn’t only assured us but acted on the matter. The said officer was deducted D1000 from his salary and demoted which he couldn’t bear and resigned”.
The tortured victim also said 11 of them were later taking to Janjangbureh Central Prison while their court proceeding was taking to Mansakonko. He said they were sentence to 3years imprisonment.
For Modou Touray he can never forgive until justice prevail and see Jammeh prosecuted.
“I have no support from the government and my party as well and no one will sacrifice his life for Gambia again”he cited.
Nonetheless he also took to the street demanding for electoral reforms.


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