I Never Regretted Taking the Streets Nogoi April 14 Victim Speaks out


By Almamo Kamaso
Speaking out on social media in recent times Mrs Nogoi Njie a 50-year-old single parent with five daughters, a victim of the Jammeh enablers in the hands of the defunct NIA, complain of ill health and disappointments of her health not taking care of.
She said she and Solo were beating very severely and that her torturers saw them to be the ring leaders of the protest and that they were suspected of being coup plotters. “I told them that whoever must have told them that, mislead them because they do not even have a chewing stick how can they plot to coup” She stressed
Njie said they were force to admit that they were send by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, which they refused because they were not sent by Darboe.
Narrating her ordeal Njie said at first, they wanted to blind folder and that she was to undress so that they can administer the beating, and she refused to be blind folded and never agreed to undress as she told them whoever is going to kill her she would like to see the person. So, they got mad at her and was given a mob beating for so long a time. Later she narrated that they tied her hands at her back and was slapped several times to a point that she nearly lost her sight.
Njie said she did not expect to be alive today, but that Allah that she lives to witness the day.
Nogoi said she decided to come out public to beg for assistance because she is almost disable as she cannot any longer do what she uses to do. She said she was a petty trader before her ordeal in the hands of the NIAs, who used to trek up to 3 kilometres on a daily basis to sell and feed her family of five daughters and other siblings.
“Today am based in one place and cannot even walk 100 meters without difficulties”
Nogoi told her story in tears.
She said those who know her before when they see her today not many of them can recognised her due to her poor state of health.
“I decided to go public on the social media so that where ever and from whoever I can get help. Help to cure myself because today I cannot do anything for myself” she said
Nogoi admits that’s that she got some financial help of D10,000 from President Barrow and another humanitarian help from him. “He the President did send some medical personals who examine me and gave some medications but I am still not improving.
Njie said with all these difficulties she never regretted taking the streets on the 14 April for electoral reforms; but was disappointed that after the struggle if she falls sick she thinks she needs to get medical treatment. Njie said she did not take the street for any material gains. But as she speaks today she is sick and no medical support and all her kids are sitting without a job that is her dilemma.


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