I was Tortured Made to Confess on GRTS While Unconscious


By Nene Galleh Barry
Amadou Sanneh, former Finance and Trade minister under the Barrow administration, and Treasure for the Untied Democratic Party (UDP) was one of the victims of the Denton Bridge attack on UDP supporters in September of 1996 by APRC hooligans.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of the APRC attackers on his party’s convoy before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) Sanneh said they were forced to lie on the bare grounds at Denton bridge whiles soldiers beat them causing a lot of bodily harm to many of them.
He said much later he was charged with sedition for reportedly writing an affidavit supporting someone who claims his life was threatened in Gambia.

The Gambia Government said Sanneh made up the story and NIA have asked him to apologise to former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

He refused. However, Sanneh said he was tortured and made to confess on GRTS while he was unconscious.

“I did not recollect my appearances on GRTS… I was unconscious. I never remembered giving an interview to GRTS,” said Sanneh after he was played his video.

He said he made a deliberate effort not to watch his confession video even after he was released.

The former Finance and Trade minister of the Gambia and one-time Accountant General Amadou Sanneh, said the early dealing of the soldiers after coming to power showed they have no respect for rules and procedures.

He told the TRRC that he resigned from Government and went into private practice during which time he joined the United Democratic Party, UDP

As a professional accountant, he became the party’s treasurer.

They have no respect for procedures or processes. Working in Government for so many years, I know systems are institutionalized… But they have displayed a lot of ignorance in government system and they have no respect for established rules and processes,” said Sanneh.


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