IEC’s Budget to Support Strategic plan Stands at D293 million


By Aramata Jatta.
The Chairman of the Independent Electronic Commission, Aliue Momarr Njie told members of the National Assembly select committee on Regional Government and Lands, Ombudsman and IEC that IEC embarked on formulating a five-year strategic plan. This plan is to be supported by s budget amounting to a total of D293million.
He made this remarks as he presents IEC’s annual activity report for the year ended 2015/2016 before the committee.
The Chairman explained that the five year Strategic plan is meant to improve service delivery such as reform of the electoral regulatory framework, voter participation in the electoral processes, institutional capacity building, continuous engagement of stakeholders, maintaining an accurate and up to date voter register and conduct of national elections.
The Chairman also told NAMs in order to enfranchise all eligible voters for the 2016 presidential election, IEC conducted a supplementary registration of voters alongside replacement of voters cards for a period of 60 days.
“89,649 new voters were registered and this increased the total number of voters from 796,929 in 2011 to 886,578 in 2016”. Says the Chairman.
Momar Njie told members that hours after the 2016 presidential final election results were announced, the IEC detected an error and summoned all candidates’ representatives to a meeting. They were all told the error which all consented to and agreed. This corrections did not change the position of His Excellency Adama Borrow was declared as the winner earlier.
Two weeks after the correction and announcement of the final election results, one of the candidates (Yahya Ajj Jammeh) who was also the incumbent and looser in the election objected to the results.
He categorically stated his total rejection of the revised results and unconditionally declared them null and void causing a political impasse in the Gambia.
Presenting the financial statement before the committee, Sulayman Jagne Finance Director IEC stating the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement of ICE said the total reserve liabilities of the balance sheet in 2015 was D59,575,715 and D68,190,11 in 2016 and the income generated in 2015 was D46,261,838 and D56,272,290 in 2016 whist the operating profit/loss before tax of the cash flow statement was D11,505,299 in 2015 and D16,602,586 in 2016.


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