In memory of Deyda Hydara


Every December 16th is a day of remembrance for us in the media fraternity, as we cannot but remember one of our finest editor, writer, publisher and a social worker late Deyda Hydara of formerly the Point Newspaper.
This perfect gentleman was murdered by men of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh; Jammeh is one of the worst and brutal dictators of our times.
He Jammeh never feel ashamed of calling himself a dictator; when he parades himself in front of the GRTs TV and radio cameras with pride he will say he is fine to be called a dictator even if he kill a journalist in defence of the Gambia’s security.
What an unfounded statement by the former as he was only interested in his personal security and not that of the Gambia.
Deyda Co-founder of one of the leading newspapers of the Gambia was on the 16 December 2014 celebrating the 13th years of the existence of the Point newspaper and which also coincides with the birthday of his dear wife Mariam Hydara; when the killers targeted him and succeeded in killing this great son of not only Gambia but Africa.
It has being 14 solid years of the permanent absence of Deyda behind the computers editing his newspaper. These years are really very painful and hard for us his collages in the media and other partners in development.
But it has been of more painful and difficult times for the children and wife and by extension family members of the Hydara clan. Deyda you are gone but you will never be forgotten; your memories and still fresh in our hearts.
During the times of the dictator we do commemorate your death and always asking the symbolic question who kill Deyda Hydara. This question still appears on the top right corner of your very own newspaper to the end of the dictatorship in 2016; and yet no answer came forth.
The Daily News is calling on the coalition government of President Barrow to bring all those responsible to book now and not later. The international community is ready and the other partners are also ready to help have justice prevail. Its two years into the new regime and not much is achieved in bringing the killers to book.
The media fraternity applaud the Barrow government’s honouring the sub regional court ruling in favour of late Deyda and we are made to understand that part payment is already made to the family.
That is one thing but the other thing we want to see happen is bringing the killers to book. Before we were all sure leaving Jammeh and his barbaric regime here those culprit will never be brought to book.
It is therefore the demand of the Daily News that the Barrow regime brings the killers to book as that will serve as a deterrent for another Deyda case.
We at the Daily News therefore are reaffirming our position and calling on the government not to leave any stone unturned in order to see justice prevail in Deyda’s case.
And for Deyda you stood for good values and yes you are gone, yes they may succeed in killing you but they can never kill your ideas those ideas are still with us.
Till we meet may Allah grant you Janaa tul Firdausi


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