Interim Committee pays 3 million dalasi arrears


By Almamo Kamaso
The interim committee charged with the management of the Kanifing Municipal Council presented D3million dalasi cash as settlement of a three year payment arrears to more than a dozen Alkalos in the municipality last week.
Lamin K Jammeh the interim chairman of the KMC in delivering the 3 million dalasi to the municipal Alkalos , said he was pleased to have settled this arrears as the Alikalos are an important partners in the council too. Jammeh apologised for the delay and express his wish that such will never happen again.
He called on the Alikalos of his region (KM) to fulfil their part of the contacts too by making sure that rates and taxes are collected and paid in time into the council coffers. He said their role is as important and key in the management of the council as any other office holder in the Council.
Jammeh said they are sorry on behalf of the former Mayor and his team who fail to pay these traditional leaders on time and made them wait for this long before they are paid.
“The interim management whose term of office expires soon, when the Mayors would have being elected and together with their newly elected councillors will assume full responsibility of running the affairs of the municipality and hope such a delay in payment will not happen again” Jammeh said
The interim Chair told the Alikalos that it was not a magic to be able to pay the three year arrears of our able traditional leaders who are part of the council. He cannot imagine how council was not able to pay them their dues up to this time.
Speaking on behalf of the National Assembly members at the presentation Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay member for Serekunda West constituency thank the interim management for what he described efficient and transparent management of the affairs of the council within the short time.
“If within a very short period the Interim committee under Chairmanship of Lamin Jammeh is able to increase the revenue base of the council to the point that they are able to pay for a three year arrears of all the Alikalos of the Municipality. And not only that they are also able to make another D2million dalasi payments to Gamworks for a project in FajiKunda that is commendable” Hon Ceesay
He told the gathering that they as people’s representative are looking forward to a report by the interim as they come to the end of their term for a proper scrutiny. The outgoing Mayor Yankuba Colley and team needed to accountable to the tax payers, he concludes.
Alikalo of Dippa Kunda Ebrima Sohna spoke on behalf of his colleagues and applauded the wonderful work of the interim He said if it was left to them the interim will continue for four years but that is against the dictates of the democracy.
He thank the Chair through him to the entire interim management. He used the occasion to thank his colleagues for being patient all these whiles. “We had several disappointments from former Mayor Yankuba Colley and team in payment of our arrears, but thank God here we are toady being settled” Ebrima Sohna Alikali of Dippa Kunda


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