Is it Hypocrisy of the West and the Americas or What?


In recent bulletins in televisions and other international radio media; news items, there is are sort of some calls of all kinds for the current president of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro to ether call for early elections of face some form of sanctions. What can one describe that, can it be hypocrisy of the West or what?
Venezuela is an independent state with an elected sitting president and that as usual some people and not in small numbers for that matter are in support of the sitting president, but and just because the oppositions are calling for an early elections so that can qualify the West and Americas recognising him (Opposition) an interim president.
Since the country is due for another elections and that elections did not take place why would another person be recognised as an interim president; especially in the person of an opposition leader.
What is in the opinion of the Daily News is that some of these western states and the Americas should leave the people of Venezuela to decide for themselves and no dictation should come from outside of their country. But if such keep coming from outside,that would be seen as an interference and may even amount to hypocrisy.
The West and the Americas should help the people of Venezuela to organise an election which will see them through a very democratic and peaceful manner; rather than acting the way they are.
All the countries and blocks that publicly say they did not recognise the current president of Venezuela and that they are seeing the opposition as the interim president are only adding fuel to fire.
Their actions only tantamount to political interference and steps toward recolonization of an independent country.
This act is very unfortunate happening in this day and age of the world. We at the Daily News feel very disappointed in all the countries that are today siding with the country’s opposition against the democratically elected government of President Nicolás Maduro.
These are the countries that say they are championing democracy; how then can they act the way they are acting? The display of the lack of recognizing a legitimate government just in the name of not calling an early elections is very disappointing.
We call on these Western governments and the Americas to stop fueling war and be one that prevents as prevention is better than cure.
Can’t we learn from Syria, Yemen, Libya, just to name a few where missions went with the objective of a regime change but yet they fail in some of the countries and even where they succeeded still there is no government. Until when are we going to learn?


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