Is The Army Commander’s Statement A Threat?


In recent times there were lot of statements said by some very senior government officials and these officials included a personal of the Army. The State House was also busy holding meetings in the name of dialogue. We have seen some political leaders held meetings at the State House in the name of Coalition executive.
“nobody has the right to conspire with others to illegally removed a legally constituted government it becomes subversive anybody who associates with anybody through whatever means either in person or electronic means to converse for anybody to part take in action calculated to subvert a constitutionally elected government is involved in what is called a treasonable action and under that you could be prosecuted an locked.
There is an intense competition for political power and there are groups who forms parties and “the GNA will not recognise any process which is not in line with the constitution, so any group, any political association which try to subvert the peace and stability and the due process of achieving any political power if you try that you will come across the GNA and that is not a threat” GNA Commander
This very army top officer went further to say there were members of the army who formed a WhatsApp group and discussed among themselves how to change the government by means of force and that he is happy that those engaged in such are arrested tried and behind the bars.
The Daily News agrees with him that such is wrong and undemocratic for any group to change a government by means of force and for whoever that group of persons is; and such acts should be condemned by all democrats.
However it is very disturbing that government officials are busy talking about people who wants to try other means of changing a government order than elections; but unfortunately none has pointed to any particular group. Such is not a heathy thing for top government officials be speculative and issuing words of threats.
As for the three years Jotna group; these are mere pro-democracy groups of people and are all out to hold the President accountable on his political promise. That is very much in line with good governance. Politicians must stop deceiving electorates and above all politicians must stop lying to the electorates.
No civilian has the capability of subversion; all the subversions and attempt of over throwing a democratically elected government of Gambia and the final success of such a coup was by our men in uniforms.
The 1981 attempted coup was by the defunct Field Force units of our men in uniforms; and that was followed by the 1994 coup by the Gambia National Army. After that coup, the Army continued to attempt to change government by force; for how many times? As recent as less than two years, in the top army officer’s own words he said there are some soldiers who are behind bars for attempting to topple the Adama Barrow government.
The Top Army officer should rather put his house in order first, and thereafter guard very seriously against external intrusion if any and leave the internal security in the hands of the sister security forces (Police). Rather than threatening civilians who are no way capable of subversion as alleged by the top officer.
The recent utterances of some members of the coalition that they have agreed that President Barrow who promise electorates that he will among other things step down when elected and will not put himself up for the subsequent elections to have his mandate extended to five is out of place.
They the members of the Coalition do not have any mandate to change the three years to five years as they are not the only people who voted President Barrow into office.
The solution is a national stakeholder’s conference and for them and President Barrow to go back to the people at their communities and beg for an extension as against their three years promise.


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