Jarra Activist Urges Barrow to Honor 3Years Agreement


By Aja Dahaba

Kassim Fadera an activist from Jarra Soma has urge President Adama Barrow to honor 3years agreement between him and the Gambian people.

He made this remarks in an exclusive with the Daily News.

Federa recalled that the current leadership of the governing coalition government electoral promises to the Gambian voters, was that if elected into office they will serve only 3 years in office, then hand over the power to the Gambian people to chart new course for the Gambian nation.

According to him it’s disappointing hearing new statements coming from the coalition government that they are not going to abide by that accord they have had with Gambian people but instead they are determined to serve (5)five years mandate as dictated by the Gambian constitution.

In his opinion he said the refusal of the Government to honor the 3years agreement prompted some concern citizens and created a pressure group called (3)three years Jotna, demanding the government to honor the agreement they have had with the Gambian voters.

However he has also talk about the leadership crises surrounding the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council. He expounded that the present executive tenure of office ended since 2018 and elections were suppose be held for a new leadership to take office and according to him that is not happening up to date.

“It appears that the Gambian people do believe in absolute control of public positions as soon as when one ascends to such positions of public trust.

Today we the Gambians are confronted with two similar deferent situations. The leadership of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council’s mandate expired and they are not willing to organize elections for the incoming to succeed the outgoing executive” he disclosed.


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