“Jugglers threaten to kill and bury me Like a Dog” Ngum said


By Aja Dahaba
The jugglers threaten to kill and bury me like a dog, Modou Ngum told the Daily News. A thirty-one (31) year old , who took part in the April 14 protest said he was arrested on 14 April 2015 by men of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) and subjected him to serious tortures at the former NIA offices in Banjul.
“I was blindfolded my hands tied behind me and have my head pushed deep into a barrel of dirty and smelling water for several times for me to confess that was instigated to take the streets” Modou said.
He told the Daily News that when he complained of how tighten his eyes were due to the blindfold, his captors quickly gave him a sharp punch on one of his eyes and he immediately lost his sight. “At this time I was undressed and tied up on to a concrete table and they started beating me mercilessly until I lost consciousness”
He said for four days he urinates blood due to the serious tortures he had in the hands of the police and the NIAs.
Asked what happen to him later; he explained that he was later taking to a panel of investigators; where statements were taking from him. During the interrogations he was asked to implicate his party leader Lawyer Darboe and other opposition leaders which he refused. This made them furious and severely beat more. The jugulars then threaten to kill me and that I will be buried like a dog if I fail to cooperate with them, Ngum said.
He was also threaten to be buried alive up to his neck; just like they did to Imam Baba Leigh, that he would be flocked like they did to Imam Bakawsu Fofana.
Modou complained of hardships in the cells and that the food that they were providing them were all contaminated food and which contaminated food is now affecting their health “we are all poisoned and that is why we the victims are dying one after the other”.


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