Justice Delay is Justice Denied


The Gambia as a nation is currently going through very hard times; it was only this Saturday that the communities of Brending and Gunjur clashed over land issues escalating into dispute, leaving one man dead and several others wounded.
It was very clear in the testimony of one Alhagie Omar Jammeh the elder brother of the disease Buba.K.Jammeh; that the case in question was a very long standing one, and that several districts Chiefs sat over it and the case was always ruled in favour of the community of Gunjur.
“This case has been going on for the past twenty or more years and that several court ruling were delivered in favour of our people but yet we could not have access to our property” Alhage Omar Jammeh
Jammeh said once he and his late brother went to this particular site, they met with a stiff and hostile attack from the very man (Buba Drammeh) who today killed my brother on his land. We had our bicycles, vehicles and our persons brutalised by Buba Drammeh and his people, who took the law into their hands for all these years, and attacking people and properties and yet no justice was ever done to this effect.
Naban Darboe a member of the Gunjur community also said he personally had booked an appointment for audience with the IGP and the Community of Gunjur for an amicable settlement of the then looming catastrophes that be felled them this Saturday.
He said that he personally blame the police for what happen in Gunjur ; this could have been averted if the police took a firm stand as per the laws of the land.
Darboe said the consensus at that meeting was that an arrest warrant be issued for the arrest of the accuse Buba Drammeh for the unlawful utterances and acts. “But unfortunately that arrest was never effected by the police stationed at Gunjur. If Buba Drammeh was arrested he would not have killed Buba K Drammeh today” he said.
Justice delayed is justice denied. The government of the day must make sure those whose rights were trampled on get justice; the government must make sure in the soonest possible time that justice prevails in the circumstances leading to the death of Buba K. Jammeh.
Gambians do not wish to see another Commission of enquiry be set up only for such reports be put aside in the name presidential pardon. The Faraba case whose magnitude is far more than the Gunjur had its reports put aside in the name of presidential pardon.
Mr President the NIA 9 cases is taking for too long and therefore justice is being delayed and be reminded justice delay is justice denied.
Solo Sandeng was killed on 14 April 2016 and dozens of others allegedly underwent trauma in the hands of the officials of the defunct NIA, some those alleged persons have been under detention for nearly 2 years now.
The Daily News is reminding the government of the day to be mindful of delayingm justice. The Faraba Commission, the TRRC are all in motion in the name of justice but that justice is yet to be delivered.
We do not think it will be a wise idea to set up another commission in the Gunjur case but rather the matter should just go to the Courts and fast track the trial to avoid the delay in justice.


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