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Justice Delay is Justice Deny

Solo Sandeng was killed allegedly by our officials of  the  National Intelligent Agency (NIA), sometimes in April of 2016. His body was buried at the Tanji offices of the same NIAs , not in accordance with our Islamic teachings as allegedly ordered by the former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh. In fact there were revelations that when he the former President was informed by his operatives that Solo was killed he ordered them to bury him like a dog.

Since the establishment of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC), in 2019 and after they (TRRC) dug into the circumstances around the killing of Sandeng the former National Youth President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), his remains were exhumed and taken to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) for forensic examination as the case proceeds at the Courts.  Sandeng’s remains are still lying in the cool room of the EFSTH waiting for justice and proper burials.

A number of NIA operatives’ widely referred to by the media as NIA-9 (of which one is dead now) have their case started and for almost three years or more, the case  have not made any substantial head way. The case has not ended the remains of Solo remains in the EFSTH coal rooms without any proper burials.

How long with the remains of Solo stay in the Hospital without proper burials? How long will there be justices in the murder case of Sandeng and the torture of several others, some of who are already dead and whiles some are still struggling with the impact of the tortures? How long will those who are accuse of these heinous crimes of killing Solo and physically torturing dozens of the UDP   supporters for only exercising their Constitutional rights; also have justice? These are accused persons who are remanded for closed to 3 years.

How many of such cases are lying in our Courts, be they in the Lower Courts or High Courts? And how many accused persons are rotting in our remand wings of the three main prisons in the country? Justice delay is justice denied Mr. President.

The Chief Justice of the Gambia, the Minister of Justice and the President of the Gambia must know that it is the rights of people that are being violated day in day out due to the back log of cases in our court systems.

If these problems of crowned remand wings and the continuous laying of the remains of Solo Sandeng at the EFSTH not addressed now, the three above mentioned persons (Chief Justice, Minister of Justice and President) of the Gambia will be held responsible.

Justice delay is justice deny



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