Kaba Bayo Claims to Have Instructed an Investigation into Koro’s Death


By Nene Galleh Barry

The former state minister Lamin Kaba Bajo and one time Commissioner of West Coast told the TRRC that he learns the death of Koro Ceesay whiles on an official duty with Jammeh to Ethiopia.

He said Jammeh briefed them about the issue and when they came he told Koro’s family that the incident will be investigated.

And though Kaba claimed that he instructed an investigation into Koro’s death, police never investigated it.

In fact, the police officer who attempted to investigate the issue Pa Mbaye was reportedly fired because of the probe. But Kaba insisted he instructed the police to do the investigation.

He rejected any idea that he knew about the former military leader’s involvement in Koro’s death.

Asked about the whereabouts of the former President Jawara on late morning of 23 July; Lamin Kaba Bajo being the commander of the State Guards soldiers in 1994, claimed he was unaware of the evacuation of the former president on board the American ship.

As the head of the security responsible for the protection of the country’s top officer, Kaba admitted he should have known but he describe it as “perhaps, betrayal” by people who were close to the President.

After returning from Dakar where he fled with the former president ( Jawara) “against his will”, he came back and was appointed a Commissioner.

The Commission found it intriguing because all other former soldiers and police who came back were jailed.

However, Kaba was accepted, he was told by Jammeh that the junta understood the role he played which was his responsibility. He however denied any involvement in the coup that brought Jammeh to power.

Meanwhile, according to various testimonies before the Truth Commission, the 1994 coup succeeded as a result of weak defence, and poor infrastructure in the country and a massive intelligence failure.

Kabba said the fire power at the State House at the time of the coup was weaker when compared to weapons in the custody of the various military encampments.


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