List of Government officials Holding D26.4M Impress


By Almamo Kamaso
Below is names of government officials past and present who have more than D26.4M impress still sitting their private pocket as per the answer provided by the Hon Minister of Finance Economic and Economic Affairs. The minister was responding to a parliamentary question posed by the member for Serekunda West Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay recently.
In his response the minister said the amount of unretired impress held by government officials is still D31 million and out of this amount D4.6 million has being recovered. He attached a table indicating the current status of the impress; which table The Daily News reproduce for public consumption.
The list will continue in our Wednesday edition and that should be the remaining names and their status of the impress.
Below is the table:P
Date Name Ministry Amount

2009 Joseph Jassey Army HQ 4,000.00 Imprest of D2,000 with cheques 00016947 and 00051009 are equal D4,000
2011 Comm. Madani Senghore Army HQ 120,000.O0 Imprest of D60,000 and D60,00 with cheques nos 000000370 and 10001271
2012 Lt .Col. Lamin F.K.Jammeh Army HQ 120.OOO.OO Cheques no 10005879 and credit memo CRM0000594
2014 Momodou Kanyi Fisheries 50.000.00 Paid on chq no 100473
2008 Omar Jah Health 48,606.00 Cheque no 00030789
2011 Babading Sabally Health 100,000.00 Cheque no 10027905
2012 Sanna Malang Sambou Health 14,400.00 Cheque no 10005559
2013 Abodoulie F.N.S Sanneh Health 296,000.00 Cheques no 100311265
2008 Ebrima Bun Sanneh Immigration 105,002.00 Imprest of D30,000, D15,00, D45,000 D30,000 and D45,000 with cheque numbers 00040268,00045732, 00047657, 000532893 and 00053294
2009 Ebrima Bun sanneh Immigration 164,998.00
2010 Sako Drammeh Immigration 200,000.00 Cheque no 00005657
2008 Brig. Gen Lang Tombong Tamba Misc 1,537760.00 Cheque no 00015573
2008 Ebrima O. Camara Misc 1,016,000.00 This should be in the name of Malamin Jarju instead of Ebrima O. Camara and cheque no 00015554
2008 Maj Sering Modou Njie Misc 457,675.00 Cheque no 00000391
2009 Brig. Gen Lang Tombo Tamba Misc 73,000.00 There is no such imprest for Lang Tombong in BE15 Miscellanous
2009 Mr. Mawdo Touray Misc 307,200.00 Cheque no 0004445
2010 Brig. Gen Lang Tombong Tamba Misc 5,000.000.00 Chq no 00019285 this amount is in respect of Ebrima O. Carama instead of Lang Tombong
2010 Dr. Njogu L. Bah Misc 5,000,000.00 An imprest of D2,000,000 and D3,000,000 with cheques no 00020397 & 00020241 equals D5,000.00
2015 Paul K. Mendy MOBSE 75,000.00 No outstanding for t5his period
2008 Dr. Njogu L. Bah MOFEA 500,000.00 Cheque no 00026972
2008 Ebrima Sama Corr MOFEA 419,150.00 Imprest of D341,150 and D78,000 with cheque number 00027864 and 00052016 respectively equals to D41I9,150
2008 O.G Sallah MOFEA 180,000.00 Cheque no 00026976
2009 Fatou Jassey Kuyateh MOFEA 100,000.00 Cheque no 00052267
2010 Louis Moses Mendy MOFEA 1467,000.00 Cheque no 000 74700
2011 Alkali M. JAbbi MOFEA 275,500.00 Cheque no 00079551
2012 Samba Jallow MOFEA 75,695.00 Cheque no 10010777
Jerreh A. B Sonko MOFEA 46,758.00 Imprest of D50,000 with cheque no 10010215
2012 Lamin Camara MOFEA 73,000.00 There was no payment effected as there was debit memo no. DB000852 that cancel the voucher
2012 Manga Sanyang MOFEA 150,000.00 Cheque no. DB10015260
2012 Mrs. Mariama Jeng Mboge MOFEA 79,000.00 Chque no.10006207
2012 Demba Jawla MOFEA 21,000.00 Debit memo no.DB001233 was raised to cancel the payment
2013 Mariama Ndow Jarju MOFEA 43,170,00 Cheque no.10025345
2015 Abdou Touray MOFEA 40,000.00 No outstanding
2015 Fanta Bai Secka MOFEA 46,500.00 Paid on chq no 10052818
2009 Hon Fatoumata G Jahumpa N/Assembly 25,000.00 Cheque no.00039953
2013 Musukebba Sonko NGO Affairs 31,900.00 Cheque no. 10031047 BE08
2007 Mrs. Ida Hydara OP 50,000.00 Cheque no. 00019475
2007 Neneh Amie Njie OP 2,000.00 Cheque no.00015413
2008 Amadou Cham OP 16,950.00 Cheque no.00021919
2008 Ensa Jallow OP 81,300.00 Cheque no.00021743


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