Losing one Million Species on Earth


By Aramata Jatta
Biodiversity is the same as wild nature it has the same functions on earth as the resistances system in the human body. It means the more you keep it healthy is the better for the resistances. In case a foreign compound wants to enter the human body it will mostly react with success. It is the same with our earth, when there are changes in the climate our earth could take enough time to react and become health again.
Dirk Van Toledo the chairman of the Nature for life foundation (www.natureforlife.org/ www.facebook.com/natureforlifefoundation told the Daily News. He revealed however the last 200 years, has seen industrial revolution, to an extent that we have profited too quickly from earth’s resources now the bill will be presented soon.
The world observes the world Biodiversity Day today. Dirk who is on a holidays in the country told the Daily News in an interview that this bill contains fast increase of the c02 in the atmosphere. Co2 is a gas coming out of burning processes example the excessive burning of woods, engines from cars. The co2 is creating a kind of an umbrella keeping more heat on earth this will result in a fast climate change, higher ocean levels unexpected floods and more hurricanes.
“In case we would have kept a lot of forest and more plantations in our seas, the co2 content would have been lower plants and tree needs co2 for their survival” Dirk said.
The functions of nature include food production, drinking water, human recreation, hit-in-the- city compensation and the production of medicine.
We have become so use to profiting from our earth that it is difficult to change our attitude the only way to minimize the actual effect of the loss of species of plant and animals is to respect the presences of nature in designing of cities, replanting of lost greens and enormous reduction of waste.
The Chairman said two weeks ago international reports of 1,500 scientist shows a loss of about one million species of animals and plants during the last decades.

In conclusion he said human beings seem to have an urgent mission for the earth.


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