Malaysian University Pledge D3 Million Yearly Govt.


By Neneh Galleh Barry

The Lincoln University College, Agro technology in Malaysia have pledge D3 Million every year to the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources to develop and manage the fisheries sector in the Gambia.

Officials said the D3 Million will be given out every years for a duration of five year time, which is amounting to D15 Million.

This was disclose to Journalists recently during the signing of a Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) between the two institutions at a ceremony held at the fisheries ministry in Banjul.

Officials said the first D3 Million have already been paid to the Central Bank of The Gambai on Wednesday for the agreement to kick start.

The Mou also aim to strengthen research and educational promotion of marine resources and related industries, to exchange scientific, investment and technical marine resources, and establish and organize international education and training on marine resources among other many issues.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Minister of Fisheries James Furmos Peter Gomez, express his ministry joy to the Ambassador of Malaysia, saying their mandate is to see how best to satisfy the Gambian people by putting food on the table.

The Mou, he said will help their capacity building, and is an opportunities for them to create trainings and employment, thus he called on Gambian to take advantages of this relationship as we go forward.

He said the Lincoln University have pleage D3 Million as a token of contribution toward fisheries development in the Gambia. He express appreciation to Malaysia and assured them that the ministry with follow the principles of the agreement signed.

Tan Sir Dr. Aixinjueluo Yahao Ambassador At Large, thanks the government of The Gambai for accepting the partnership and assured they are ready to help Gambia with more development partnership.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry of fisheries, Dr Bamba AM Banja, said the MoU will help to strengthen research and educational promotion of marine resources and other related industries. He said it will also promote the research, development application and agglomeration of related industries to promote the development of fish farming and processing industries among others.

He said the MoU will also establish, and organize international forum and conference in the field of marine resources.

He discribed the move as a biggest achievement of his ministry in 2019 and thanks the Malaysia government for the support and urge them for more partnership.