Man Arrested for Money Laundry


By Aja Dahaba
One Bai Sankareh is said to be arrested on Friday in connection to money laundry a source told Daily News. The suspect is involve with one Marabout called Omar Touray who give him charms “juju” that he can enter in any bank and took whatever he want without being questioned.
Sankareh has been taking money from one man at Senegambia Trust Bank branch and one man from Lamen Trust Bank branch fooling them that he will double any amount given to him.
However according to our source he got exposed when the Trust Bank boss was sacked and the two cashiers from the said branches were arrested by the police. During the police interrogation they told the police that Bai Sankareh was the one taking money from them which monies were from the bank. He Sankareh tell them that he will double any amount of money given to him.
Sankareh is said to buy one gelegele (local van) from the money and no one knows where he spend the rest of the money.
The two men including the marabout and Sankareh are all under police custody to help them with investigations and the case has been forwarded from Bakoteh police station to serious crimes at police headquarters in Banjul.
Sankareh is also known for insulting Ousainou Darboe and even President Adama Barrow on social media.
Meanwhile this reporter have tried to reach the police PRO to throw light on the issue but to no avail.


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