Mansakonko Area Council Holds Stakeholders Meeting


By Mariama Dem

The Mansakonko Area Council held a stakeholders meeting on creation of Special Economic Zone on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019, in Soma Lower River Region (LLR)

The Chairman of the Council Landing B Sanneh, said that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the key issues regarding the creation of the proposed special economic zone and Soma stands a strategic location roads linking to the sub region and business can easily grow or develop in the area.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Council Paa Sait Ceesay, also said the project will include town planning and traffic control. He indicated that one stop boarder will be created for both Gambia and Senegal to avoid delay.

Ceesay appealed to the Council Development Coordinating team to work together towards the successful implementation of the project. The Council will not compromise with developments in the region he disclosed.

However, the Chief of Jarra West Alhagie Yaya Jarjusey stated that the creation of the economic zone in Soma will reduce the rural urban migration and it will also create job opportunities for the people of LRR.

Omar Saidykhan of National Road Authority of Mansakonko noted that LRR is blessed and Soma with time will be the main business centre in The Gambia and around the sub region. Saidykhan disclosed that the corridor project entails many opportunities towards the development of the region. The construction of feeder road is also part of the project within LRR he stressed.
The project is financed by African Development Bank (ADB), European Union (UN), AUDA and NEPAD.


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