Mayoral aspirant unveils plans for KMC


By: Neneh Galleh Barry and Binta Bah

The aspiring mayoral candidate for KMC, Mr. Papa Njie has unveiled plans geared towards transforming the municipality if voted into office.

He was speaking during an interview granted to the Daily News as the municipal and council elections approached.

Mr Njie one of the aspiring candidates says that everybody is a politician and even in one’s own house one has to be a politician to be able to manage his/her family. He says the reason why he decided to go into politics is that he feels there is a void in the management of KMC because for the last 22years the way the council was managed was not good enough. He emphasized that given his experience and qualification he would be able to fix the numerous problems of KMC. He says he has what it takes to change the face of the municipality.

Njie further stressed that it’s going to be difficult and a lot of challenges but “I believe with my number of years of work experience I am the most qualified person for the job.”

“The UDP party has always been my party and all my family,” he said, adding that while in government he could not openly show his affiliation to the party.

He further added he has also worked with the American embassy in the Gambia and there also it was the same thing because “I wasn’t able to support openly, but I was always for pro democratization in the Gambia.”

“I was also empowering youths, educating them on voter registration and many other things that would bring change and I have done that for the last 24 years.” Mr. Njie promised that if voted as mayor, he would look at the human resource management of the council properly to gauge whether the right people were manning the right places.

He further emphasized that waste management was another issue to look at when he became mayor “because when you go around the environment there are lots of waste everywhere.”  He stressed that he would make it a priority even if it would mean to have a contract with a private company to manage the waste disposal in the area, citing the poor condition of the waste disposal at the Bakoteh dump site. This, he continued, was the only way to ensure a clean and healthy environment. He further indicated that recycling the waste into fertilizer would be so beneficial and at the same time be a mechanism for curbing diseases and pollution within the environment.

“We will also look into proper and efficient revenue collection on compound rates and tenant issues.”

He says normally fixing main roads are under the responsible of the government but the feeder roads are the responsibility of the council and they would take a look at that if elected Mayor.

“Debt recovery is another issue which really affects the KMC which we will also see how to tackle in collaboration with the government,” he added.

He further mentioned that loans were not meant to settle out salaries but instead should be used for road construction, hospitals, car parks, markets and other things where incomes could be generated

Mr. Njie also talked about youth employment which he said was another priority he would look at if he elected Mayor by establishing skill centers which would create jobs and employment for the youths.a

He concluded by advising the general public to come out and vote for the right person and to refrain from voting on family ties or friendship.


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