Media Agenda Set to Train 15 Female Journalists


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Ojee)
Media Agenda, a research and training organization is set to train fifteen female journalists across the country in the implementation of the 2nd phase of a $20,000 project with funding from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization (UNESCO) Dakar office.
Media Agenda shall roll out the second phase of the project from 9th to 13th September 2019 at the TANGO Office with the theme building institutional capacity of Network of Community Radios and Women Journalists Association to offer quality programmes.
According to the Director of Media Agenda, Honourable Madi MK Ceesay said the contract was signed on the 27th March 2019 through NATCOM Gambia; and since then the first phase was rolled out in April 2019, where 15 female journalists participated.
“Media Agenda is running another short media training for the second badge of 15 journalists, mainly female journalists at the offices of TANGO in September 2019 for five days” he said
Hon. Ceesay said the two main beneficiaries are the Women Journalist Association and Network of Community Radios, adding that each of the two organizations will provide participants and Media Agenda will provide competent trainers in programming and other journalistic areas.
Ceesay reiterated that Media Agenda was established and registered in 2006; and has in the past trained numerous journalists from different carders of journalism: from middle management staff to beginners on various journalistic and professional areas in the Gambia.
He highlighted that in 2015 his institution has trained 50 journalists in the run ups to the December 2016 presidential elections on election coverage; and “in the following year of 2017 we trained another 50 journalists on voter education through radio. In all the two programs funding was from the American embassy” he said.
Hon. Ceesay said the organization have prior to the above trainings did have funding from the UK embassy jointly with the USA and trained 12 journalist on investigative journalism.
“Media Agenda is proud today that we have beneficiaries of our past programs all over major media houses throughout the country with simple gadgets such as electronic recorders supplied by Media Agenda”.
He added that the April training workshop is funded by UNESCO’s IPDC with support from NATCOM Gambia office.
On the last day of the program on Friday 13 September, the 15 participants of the first phase who did their training at Juffureh in April 2019 will join the last badge of another 15 to be certificated and an electronic voice recorder will be given to each to facilitate their work.


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