Millions Goes Into Fictitious Procurement ” Mai Fatty Reveals


By Prince Ojee

Mai Ahmed Fatty Leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has revealed that there is so much wastage in government as millions of dalasi goes into fictitious procurement; and lot of corruption practices within the government and public finance mismanagement.

“When we are able to block this loop holes, we will be in a position where we can invest into the productive system and where we can change the lives of our people, and that is the mandate of a political leader” he said

Fatty made the comments at his party’s 3rd National Delegates Congress held at Nyakoi Madina in Wuli West in the Upper River Region, under the theme “Building a strong Nation based on Gambian moral values”

He said that the mismanagement of public funds by the government has brought failure to various sectors of agriculture, health and education.

He vowed that GMC government will improve the lives of Gambian, and by 2021, his party will “take over the government.” He said

“There is lot of public sector mismanagement and allocations that is responsible for all these problems. GMC boss said he did not want to accept excuses that we don’t have money that is not correct. “We have the money to buy four wheel vehicles and waste on fuel. So the money is there, just miss allocate” Fatty stated.

Speaking on agriculture, he said no nation can be fully sovereign if it cannot feed itself adding that food security is the greatest factor of poverty and “we need to transform the lives of our people”.

He said agricultural sector should be transform in other to create job opportunities in the country and to sustain the national economy.
He revealed that the country has spent billions of dalasi in agriculture but “we are still very poor” he said.

“We have to formulate public policies that would enable this country from transition to where we are and to where we intent to go, and that should come up with specific policies that will deal with agriculture which include expansion and consolidation. Not only given out tractors and go away agriculture need total overhaul, and there is no lack of funds in agriculture. There is lack of real management in agricultural projects”, he said.

On health Fatty said, the health sector is struggling adding that people have died in this country out of preventable diseases.

He added that hospitals are , poorly equipped, and poorly staffed adding that primary healthcare is disastrous. “Every region must have referral hospital because a healthy nation is a wealthy nation, and this is our objective as a party” he said

He further disagrees that “it is false to say this country cannot develop a budget that will sufficiently cater for the health need of this country” he argue.

He stressed that health sector in this country is very weak, and we must change that from the primary health.
“We want to substantially improved access to primary health care service, because when we improved our primary health care delivery system, our referral hospitals will be less busy”.

He said these are the community clinics but today they are in woeful staged and even the referral hospitals. If you don’t have money to go to private hospitals or you go for overseas treatment you are in trouble and the majority of Gambians cannot afford that”.

“I believe it is lack of commitment so we must change these things. The Gambia can have an excellent primary health care delivery system that can transform and revolutionize the way our health services in this country are. Every community must have them, but we need to sustain and develop them”.

On education GMC leader reiterated that our foundation for beginners is very woeful and very poor adding that if we do not cater for a better foundation Gambia has no future”
He added that those in private schools have more opportunities than those in public schools.

He stressed that we cannot continue to build the future of citizen’s base on fundamental inequalities, “we must redress this injustice” he said

He further buttress that education has to be accessible, quality and affordable, but they must deal with the foundation.

Saying that when the foundation is weak whatever you build upon on it that also will be weak. He added that education is the transformative agent for the country

He further hailed Mama Kandeh for honoring his invitation to attend the congress.

Alhamudou Conteh, senior adviser to the GMC leader has said that GMC is a party of respect and with moral, while calling on Gambians to change their political ideology “we don’t want politics of hatred and urged the party militants to stay away from the politics of insult.”

He said the GMC is the only party that can take Gambia out from the dark to the light, adding that nothing will stop Mai Fatty from being President in 2021. He stated

Tida Kijera Women Mobilizer call on the women folk not to just clap and dance on political gathering but she said that they have right to make their voice heard and to take part in decision making.

GMC Interim Diaspora President Amadou Sisaho commended the GMC for selecting Mai Fatty as their leader, saying that Gambians will never regret if they vote for GMC in 2021.
He reiterated the belief that Mai Fatty will be Gambia’s President in 2021.

No election was held they only amended their constitution which was held in close door.