MPs Get Report From Pharmacy Council


By Ousainou J. Sewaneh
Officials of the Gambia Pharmacy Council yesterday submitted their annual activity report to parliamentarians regarding their operations in the country.
The report was presented to the National Assembly Select Committee on Health, Women, Children, Refugees and Humanitarian Relief. The council Chairman Mr. Essa Marreh stated in their report that the council is in the process of drafting relevant tools for all its regulatory and the technical working group that has commenced work since 26th June, 2018.
However, he said that one of the tools is the continuous professional development (CPD) which is envisaged that the guideline will set all requirements and conditions for implementation of CPD programs for all professional cadres registered with pharmacy council implementations of CPD, activities shall commence in 2019 registrations to practice. “The Medicine Control Agency’s (MCA) guideline is also available for use by registered personnel and the strategic plan for the council will be made available before the first quarter of 2019.”
“As also indicated in the council reports the council has not received any formal complaint of professional misconduct in 2017 and 2018. The council has open-door policy on complaints and the complaints guideline is ready. It shall be made available online for ease of reporting complaints and stakeholders will be sensitized about it hopefully by October.”
On the programs of the council, the technical working group shall draft the guideline for the Good Pharmacy practice (GPP). Once the GPP is approved the council will launch sensitization and training programs on it and relevant MCA guidelines for all registered pharmaceutical practitioners in both public and private practice. Having gone through the report by the Select Committee members, the chairman of the committee, Hon. Ousman Sillah considered and accepted the report.


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