Mr. President 6 Months Gone No Press Conference Why?


President Adama Barrow is known to have the courage of holding press conference every six months, a rare thing for any Gambian president to have done. Since coming to power the president took it upon himself to call a press conference where he interface with the media and respond to questions directly.
In one of the Daily News editorial the newspaper commended the president for being bold enough to be calling a press conference where he himself answer questions from the media. It is a worthwhile thing for the president to come face to face with the media and provide answer to questions that are in the minds of the ordinary citizens.
We at the Daily News commended the president and are of the impression that the President is on the right track; Mr. President but another six months has just come to an end and yet there is no sign of your interface with the media.
Why? Is it that since you had that tough time with the media over Dr. Ismaila Ceesay’s assertion that you are not educated and you became so furious that you did not even take your time to give a fitting answer; rather Mr. President you were seen rambling and mismatching the he or she.
You were told in that editorial that in some countries Presidents come to the National Assembly on a monthly basis to respond to questions from the general public; yes you have started well by coming face to face with the media yourself personally taking questions that is incredible Mr. President
So many things have gone under the bridge and Gambians would have love to have answers to those things happing at the end of another six months Mr. President. So we in the media will be seeing you to have run away from answering burning questions of the past six months if the usual press conference did not come.
Mr. President if you are bold enough to come back with your six monthly interface with the media; the Daily News would be interested to know if you have made up of your mind finally to form your own political party or you still want to hide behind the UDP and buy more time? The Daily News would also be interested to know if you would honour the three year transition period agreed in the MOU. The Daily News Mr. President will also be interested in knowing you take on the appointments of all these special presidential advisers and their deputies if they were not just to satisfy your continuous presidential ambitions? Mr. President when you called for the bi-annual press conference we at the Daily News will be interested to know the reasons of your firing of one adviser and replacing with another and what trust do you have again after firing Mai Ahmed Fatty from your cabinet only to bring him back as your special adviser? And finally Mr. President Daily News would have love you to explain how different you are from former President Jammeh in firing and reinstating.
Mr. President the Daily News is reminding you that when you took the bold step to come up with your bi-annual press briefing it was just a free choice; therefore why stopping it? If you no longer have the courage to face the media do it through the ministry of Information which is the official mouth piece of the government of the Gambia.


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