Mr. President Stop Misinforming Gambians


Whiles the President Adama Barrow continuous his meet the peoples tours it has come very apparent that the President is engaged in politics rather than meet the people’s tour as per the constitution. These engagements of the President and the likes of the Tourism minister Hamat Bah is not matched with the sprite and letter of the constitutional mandate given to the president.
The president and entourage must bear in mind that their tour is financed by public money and not from their pockets.
Hamat Bah was quoted whiles speaking at Salikene in the Central Baddibu of saying it is not time for politics but there are people who are going around the country doing partisan politics; therefor trying to justify President Barrow politicking.
What minister Hamat Bah should remind himself is that those political parties are funding their politics with their monies and not the state money as they are doing right now. The Barrow camp is no different from the Jammeh camp as the later also uses public funds to politic during his meet the farmer’s tour.
However what really concerns the Daily News is the element of misinformation given out by the Chief of State President Adama Barrow.
President Barrow told Gambians at various places in the Nuimes, Jokadu and the Baddibus that his government was able to build 400 kilometres of roads within three years of his regime; whiles both then Jawara and Jammeh government together were only able to construct 700 kilometres of roads and went on to cite the Sukuta /Jambur roads and also the Senegambia bridges his projects.
The above information is not correct and is very misleading. How a whole government can sits whiles the President is giving wrong information to the tax payers? What kind of a leadership do we have?
The stretch from Banjul to Basse and that of the stretch of road from Barra to Lamin Koto plus many other roads constructed before the Barrow regime far exceeds the 700 kilometres mentioned by President Barrow.
Another misinformation president Barrow and his government are peddling that the Sukuta/Jabang road; which he said was done by his government within these three years is also another wrong information.
The Barrow regime did not start those projects but clearly those were Jammeh’s projects, a fact he Barrow cannot deny, so why not tell Gambians the truth? We all know it was the former Vice president who laid the foundation of the Senegambia Bridge.
President Barrow should stop misleading the people and stick to the facts. If Barrow speaks of the road projects in Basse and two Bridges to be built as his that would be very correct ;so it is only proper that our government gives correct information and avoiding misinforming its citizenry.