Municipal Dwellers should Pay Tax Arrears


The Kanifing Municipal Council Authorities raised concerns of tax payers not paying their taxes and that lot of monies are owed to the council; particularly the compound rates at a tune of D200M.
This is huge amount and that when collected there is no doubt that it can bring lots of development and other social services to the members of the locality. Tax paying the Daily News believes is a civic responsibility that every citizen should be proud to pay.
The deputy Mayor of the kanifing Municipal Council, Hon Musa Bah spoke about these tax arrears at several of their meetings whiles touring the municipality as they meet and discuss issues with the Ward Development Committees (WDCs).
During the tour the issue of tax arrears was one of the major concern of the council; whiles the dwellers are calling more services and projects. There cannot be any development without funding and one the main sources of council revenues is tax.
At various WDC meetings members of the community were asking for their wastes to be collected and on time. Many also decried the law water pressures leading to many staying till very late in the early morning before they can get water for their domestic work. Some people also were demanding for the availability of street lights and road connections at their ward levels as many of those wards do not have good roads. Most of the demands also centred on the lack of health facilities and in other cases schools and foot bridges in order to have access to other parts of the wards.
The people or the municipal councils (dwellers) have all rights to demand for development projects and other essential services to be provided; but it is equally a civic responsibility for them also to pay their taxes as required by the local government Act.
The main sources of revenue of the councils is taxes and rates; and therefore it is only proper that people pay their taxes and rates in exchange for developments. The Local government Act required that 60% of taxes collected should go back to tax payers as development; but that is only possible if people pay their taxes and rates accordingly.
The tax arrears needs to be settled be them in the municipal councils or at the national level this is so, because the country is a tax based country. The other sources of monies are either loans or grants.


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