‘‘My Council will fight against Corruption’’ Bensouda


My Ousainou J. Sawaneh
The Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Talib Ahmed Bensouda recently told Daily News in an exclusive that his council will fight against corruption.
Responding to the D200M debt the community owed to the council and the uses of the fake receipts by the people in the name of KMC, Bensouda said one contributing factor is corruption. As to the lack of tax paying , he said some staff of the then council were involved in deleting and erasing names from the KMC system.
Bensouda appeal to tax payers not to give their monies to any KMC staff who will tell them he/she will delete their names from the KMC system “remember you are all cheating the council and the people of KMC”.
He added that development is expensive not free and they are using taxes to develop the Municipality “So if someone asked you to do such, we advise you to report the issue” he said.

Meanwhile he asserted that his administration will put in place checks and balances system, whereby no staff will delete or erase names from the system and they won’t be able to alter information from the database.
“We want to create a system were people do not have to deal with intermediary to pay their taxes, they will walk to a bank and pay their taxes after being issued with invoices”.

Regarding the use of fake receipts, the Mayor said they have lots of reports concerning that matter. He said the finance committee is investigating the matter.
The Lord Mayor encourages tax payers to stay away from corruption, noting they have agents intermediaries between the council and tax payers and this is why corruptions takes place. “We are in a democratic dispensation and the issue of corruption must be reported” he emphasized.


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