NAMs Position on SAP Welcomed


Members of the National Assembly on Thursday expressed concern and asserted their powers as makers and threw out the Supplementary Appropriating (SAP) Bill 2018.
When the Bill was first presented to members Wednesday; it was referred to the Select Committee on Public Accounts for consideration as they are a specialised group on such matters. When they reported to the whole House accepting part of it as per their recommendation; but categorically rejected some other parts.
Among sections they rejected included the D47m including the D29m as President’s travel expenses.
However when the Bill was laid before the whole House members totally rejected the SAP in unison.
Members speaking one voice said they cannot understand why such huge amount of money is requested at this eleventh hour of the financial year.
Members expressed concern as how could such a huge amount be spend in the coming two weeks as the 2018 will soon come to an end. The timing of the Supplementary Bill was wrong in their opinion.
Government is requesting for a total of one billion, one hundred and twenty eight million, and three hundred and thirty seven thousand dalasi and five hundred and nineteen dalasi and seventy seven butts (D1.128, 337,519.77). This is not a small amount of money.
Out of above amount mentioned D47.3M is being requested for the office of the president to foot the bill of travel and other expenses at this eleventh hour.
The Hon members relied on section 153 of the constitution of the country to reject the Bill in its totality. This section clearly states that subject to section 154, if in respect of any financial year it is found that the amount appropriated under the Appropriation Act is insufficient or that a need has arisen for a purpose for which no amount has been appropriated by that Act, a supplementary estimate showing required shall be laid before the National Assembly before the expenditure has been incurred.
It was based on the above reason that members of the National Assembly rejected the said Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2018.
The Daily News do welcome the members’ decisions and urged them to further scrutinise any other Bill that may come their way.
The D29 M which appeared in the Supplementary Bill is raising a lot doubts in the minds of law makers; as the impression given to Gambian tax payers was that the President travelled to New Yoke on a private jet but at no expense to the Government. If that is anything to go by why then dose such has to appear in the Supplementary Bill 2018?
We commend the members of the National Assembly for their courage and nationalistic positions as far as national interest is concerned. Bravo members and know that the people are watching.


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