NAMs Raised Concern over Millions of Dalasi Spend on Road Maintenance


By Aramata Jatta
Members of the National Assembly select committee on Public Enterprise led by the Chair Hon. Halifa Sallah raised concerned over monies in large amounts of dalasi spend on periodic road maintenance totaling to D276million in 2015 and D147million in 2016.
These concerns were raised whiles the National Road Authority (NRA) were presenting their activity report and financial statements at the National Assembly committee on PEC.
Chairman Sallah informed the body that their task is very complex and they are dealing with 2015/2016 a time framework that has already elapsed. He said therefore it is important that they try to catch up with the backlog.
Hon. Jawo, National Assembly member for Jokadu also raised concern on the awarding of contracts to COPRI a construction company for the Sting Corner road project at the sum of D67million for a duration of 16 months and which project was not completed by the said company. This project was later shifted to another company called AREZKI SA at the sum of D105 million. He also said the Bund road project which was also first awarded to COPRI at the sum of D73million and later shifted to AREZKI SA at the sum of D67million.
Hon Jawo demands explanation from the NRA management on what happened to the first company (COPRI) and why was the contract not completed by the said company. “Who was at fault, what happened between the state and COPRI and what percentage was paid to him” Hon Jawo asked.
Responding to demands, NRA management said the two contracts; Sting Corner and Bund Road projects which COPRI couldn’t complete was because the company went into liquidation and the company literally collapsed.
He alleged the fears of the committee that normally companies do summit advance payment bonds; and other bonds regarding the performance, so when they default those bonds could be called off, management explained
He further explained to the committee that equipment belonging to COPRI were tagged and they were packed at Yundum and preparations are been made by the ministry of Finance to auction them and return the money to the government.


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