NAO Reports Approved With Reservation


By Mariama Ceesay
The FPAC Committee approved the NAO reports with some reservations, the committee raised concerns over the D4m over expenditure and the noncompliance of the office over the period under review.
Regardless of the facts that the NAO were found 85percent compliant and not 100 percent compliant the FPAC committee finally approved their audited reports.
The FPAC were concern about the lack of compliance and they raised issues concerning GPPA, report, which reports revealed that the National Audit Office has spent excessive amount of money which they did not explain.
The committee also observed that after checking on the reports there was an over expenditure of 4 million dalasis which must be explained.
Issues of unpresented cheques were also raised by the committee and the misuse of official cars which the committee said should be dealt with before finalizing any consideration of the report.
The Vice Chairperson of the FPAC committee Hon. Sedia Jatta told NAO that they are not prepared and as a result, they have only prepared a half hazard report for the National Assembly which is an unprofessional act.
Jatta told NAO that they are only 85 percent compliant and that he is unhappy with them over their compliance report. He further told the NAO to make tremendous effort with 101 percent compliance and not 85 percent compliance.
Jatta warn them that this is a new Gambia which is prepared to go according to the laws and therefore as a public institution they must act and spend lawfully.
The Auditor General of the NAO Karamba Touray complain of lack of capacity of the institution to fulfill their duties as reasons of their noncompliance. He also told the committee that their official vehicles are supervised daily and are always under control even after work. The director promised to provide relevant documents to the committee which could resolve their doubts on the NAO’s services.
He told the committee that NAO would try by all means to rectify their incompliance to the FPAC committee and make sure they attain to all their duties.


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