Need For Gambia to Pay Her Dues


By Almamo Kamaso
The ACP-EU delegation presented its report for the period 2017-2018 on Monday 25th March 2019 as required at the National Assembly and urged the Gambia government to consider paying her dues to the ACP-EU parliament. These dues by all indication looks like the Gambia is not a fully paid up member.
The same call and payment of Gambia’s dues should be done for all other international parliamentary groupings across the globe.
Among other things the report presents is the 11th EDF which is scheduled to last from 2014-2020 covering a financial package for ACP Countries amounting to 35 Billion Euros. The earlier year package 2008-2013 was 22.7 Billion Euros, whiles the 9th EDF package was 13.5 Billion euros.
The members of the National Assembly are informed that the first Cotonou Agreement is ending March 2020 and a successor is in the making.
The head of the delegation Hon Halifa Sallah told deputies that the negotiating mandate has nine parts and three pillars. The report advocates for the retention of the European Development Fund (EDF) as the main financial instrument backing ACP-EU development cooperation.
The report contained resolutions and motions such as the Security situation in sub-Sahara region, the waste management issues and resolution on social and environmental consequences of urbanisation, particularly the sound management of industrial and domestic waste in the ACP countries.
Taking the floor turn by turn members called on the government to measured up to paying our dues as other counties have done. Hon Members said it is very disgraceful for members to sit in such international parliaments and yet they are not paid up members. Members are calling on their colleagues to approve the reports and the resolution embedded in.


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